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Hamilton has 60 COVID hospitalizations. ICU cases unchanged

Hamilton has 60 COVID hospitalizations. ICU cases unchanged

Hamilton Public Health is reporting 60 COVID hospitalizations, an increase of 11 from Friday, but ICU cases were unchanged at six. At the peak of the Omicron wave Hamilton had 315 hospitalizations and 41 ICU cases. There was one death reported in Hamilton, bringing the total to 527 since the beginning of the pandemic. There were 51 new COVID cases reported. Outbreaks were unchanged at five. Halton Public Health reports eight hospitalizations, one death and 23 new cases.

Some Ontario hospitals do not report case counts on weekends, but the province is reporting 693 COVID hospitalizations with 249 of them in ICU. Last Monday’s count was 849 hospitalizations and 279 ICU cases.

There were 3 deaths reported. Just over 9,400 tests were conducted, yielding 1074 new COVID cases and a positivity rate of 11.8 percent, but the number of new cases is understated due to limitations in testing. Only 6,281 vaccinations were administered.

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