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Have your say about the future of Hamilton’s parks

Have your say about the future of Hamilton’s parks

The city of Hamilton is asking residents to give their opinion on what they would like to see in the future for the city’s parks. The results of the survey will help the city develop a Parks Master Plan which will guide the long-term planning of new parks and the expansion and improved access to existing parks across the city.

A Parks Master Plan is a guiding document that helps municipalities plan for and provide parks for residents. It is an important step in considering the development and enhancement of parkland over the short, medium and long term. It also aids in decision-making and helps prioritize investment in parkland across the city.

The City of Hamilton identifies four types of parks in its Official Plan:

  • City-Wide Parks: High-profile destinations with natural, historical, or cultural features (e.g. Gage Park, Bayfront Park) or major sports facilities (e.g. Mohawk Sports Park, Heritage Green Sports Park).
  • Community Parks: Intensive recreational facilities (e.g. sports fields, recreational/community centres) usually found on the edge of a neighbourhood and along major roads and transit routes. They serve residents beyond the immediate neighbourhood, but are not intended to serve the City as a whole.
  • Neighbourhood Parks: Local opportunities to experience passive recreation, sports facilities, play areas, and the serenity of nature. Distributed throughout the city, they form the backbone of parkland services for Hamiltonians.
  • Parkettes: Generally located in older urban areas, these small open spaces provide limited recreational amenities.
  • Other types of open spaces provide similar services and amenities as parks, but are not considered to be parkland:
  • Natural Areas: City-owned lands designated for protection and conservation of natural heritage features.
  • School Sites: Managed and developed by the School Boards, they provide some of the same open space services and amenities, but are primarily intended for school children.

The City’s Parks Master Plan will review these classifications and ensure the equitable acquisition, planning, programming, and maintenance of these spaces as the city grows and develops.

The city wants  to learn about how residents currently use Hamilton’s parks and open spaces, the needs and wishes of park visitors, and the barriers people face to access parkland. Public input and insights will be essential in the development of the Master Plan to ensure the principles, policies, and recommendations reflect the lives of Hamiltonians.

The results of the community survey will be used for the purposes of this Master Plan only and will be used along with other inputs to develop recommendations that will be considered by the City of Hamilton.

To take the survey and for more information visit

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