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Three parties have candidates in upcoming Burlington provincial race

Three parties have candidates in upcoming Burlington provincial race

The Green Party in Burlington has a candidate for the upcoming provincial election. Kyle Hutton is a long time Burlington resident, political activist and local transportation industry worker. “What I’ve lived through in the past decades of Liberal, NDP and Conservative leadership is a rise in housing prices and precarious work; forced municipal amalgamations and interference in local democracy; and a world on the precipice of 1.5˚C warming, with no action and seemingly little interest beyond what they can promise at election time,” Hutton said. “

Hutton enters a field where the NDP have already nominated Andrew Drummond, who finished second to Jane Mckenna in 2018, but who more than doubled the NDP vote in the rout of the Ontario Liberals. The Burling ton Liberals also have their candidate in place. They have nominated Mariam Manaa, a Public Relations Manager, who worked in the constituency office of Procurement Minister Karina Gould.

The race for the Burlington provincial seat will be closely watched with the surprise announcement by incumbent PC MPP Jane McKenna that she would not seek re-election  and will instead run for Regional Chair in the upcoming municipal election. There is no word yet of possible PC candidates.

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