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Plucky online Kyiv news site working to cover the war with independent journalism

Plucky online Kyiv news site working to cover the war with independent journalism

The Kyiv Independent is a Ukraine on-line English language news outlet that is staffed by 30 reporters who were fired from their jobs in November at the Kyiv Post in their words, for defending editorial independence.

On their website they say the Post was shut down by the owner in his attempt to take full control of the newsroom that has always followed the principle of editorial independence.

They list as their values:

The new publication will serve its readers and community, and nobody else.

The Kyiv Independent won’t be dependent on a rich owner or an oligarch. The publication will depend on fundraising from readers and donors and later on, commercial activities.

The newsroom will decide and execute the publication’s editorial policy in the community’s best interests. Attempts to influence it from outside will not be tolerated.

The Kyiv Independent will always be at least partly owned by its journalists.

The Kyiv Independent will strive to reach financial sustainability to preserve its independence in the future.

The team unanimously chose Olga Rudenko, former deputy chief editor at the Kyiv Post, who dedicated 10 years to the brand, to lead the new publication as editor-in-chief.

“The Kyiv Independent provides fair and reliable news on a variety of topics. From Russia’s war against Ukraine and disinformation campaigns to the ongoing pandemic and medical procurement, from human rights in occupied Donbas and Crimea to reforms in Kyiv, nothing will escape the view of the Kyiv Independent.”

Some of the headlines from today’s edition:

Amid fierce defense, Ukraine fails Russian blitz victory plans

Computer chip industry begins halting deliveries to Russia in response to U.S. sanctions

EU shuts down its airspace to all Russian owned or controlled aircraft

Ukraine gives its military a big raise in salary

Zelensky doesn’t believe in positive outcome in the upcoming negotiations with Russia

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