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Trudeau abruptly cancels the Emergencies Act

Trudeau abruptly cancels the Emergencies Act

In a sudden move late Wednesday Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the Emergencies Act has been cancelled. He told reporters that with the Ottawa blockade, that at Windsor and in Alberta all being over, the Act was no longer needed, He said he received assurances from police officials that they can prevent a recurrence of the blockades that tied up Ottawa for three weeks and stopped border traffic at Windsor. He also announced that the bank accounts that were frozen would now be released, although certain unnamed bank accounts will remain frozen under legislation not related to the Emergencies Act.

Under the legislation, there still must be a parliamentary enquiry into the circumstances leading up to the imposition of the Act. A Canadian Press reporter asked Prime Minister Trudeau about the existence of certain confidential information that led to the decision to invoke the act, Trudeau seemed to suggest that the information would be available during the enquiry. He said the committee could be struck as early as next week. Trudeau explained why it was time to revoke the state of emergency.

With the main crisis in Ottawa over, attention in the media and in Parliament turned an increasingly critical eye on whether the Act needed to be invoked in the first place. Although Parliament had ratified Trudeau’s application of the act. The Conservatives had planned to trigger a second debate on the issue in a few days, and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh signaled that his support was not without limits

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