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Trucker Convoy leader denied bail in Ottawa

Trucker Convoy leader denied bail in Ottawa

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy will be in jail for at least another week and a half after an Ottawa judge denied her bid for bail today. The judge cited the fact that Lich told fellow convoy members to hold the line, as she was being arrested last week, as one reason for defying bail. In a bail hearing Fridays Lich had indicated she would abide by bail conditions to not attempt to communicate with other blockade members and not return to Ottawa, but the judge said that was not enough.

“These offences are grave,” said the judge. “You have had plenty of opportunity to remove yourself and even others from this criminal activity but obstinately chose not to, and persistently counselled others not to either,” the judge said, adding that “this community has already been impacted enough.”

Ottawa police arrested nearly 200 people, who are facing in total nearly 400 charges in relation to the demonstration, which had been declared illegal on Feb. 14.

Lich has been involved with the Wexit western separatist movement. She was the secretary of the Maverick Party, another western separatist group.

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