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Public can weigh in on Sherwood Secondary future

Public can weigh in on Sherwood Secondary future

A second virtual information session is taking place tonight to hear views on the future of Sherwood Secondary school.

The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board has applied for Ministerial financial support to conduct renovations to the 55 -year-old East Mountain secondary school and have been turned down each time. The building was designed by eminent architect Stanley Roscoe who a few years earlier had designed Hamilton City Hall, Macassa Lodge and the Westdale Library Branch.

The board is now looking for alternatives which include:

Status Quo –school remains on the current site with no significant changes to the building –limited renewal work, limited secondary benchmark projects.

2.Temporarily move students to  the abandoned Barton site in September 2022, perform renewal and secondary benchmark work at Sherwood site and move students back when work is complete. Barton has been closed since the opening of the New Norah Francis Henderson Secondary south of Rymal Road at Sherman.

3.Perform renewal and secondary benchmark work at Barton site and move students permanently to Barton site when work is complete. This option has generated an online and lawn sign campaign to save the Sherwood campus

HWDSB must decide on the best accommodation option for current and future students at Sherwood, which needs about $11.96 million in high and urgent renewal work. They estimate Barton, which is actually five years older than Sherwood would need $8 Million in renovations. Sherwood has asbestos which is adding to the renewal costs.

To participate in the virtual meeting Questions, please email

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