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Ottawa quiet after blockade cleared

Ottawa quiet after blockade cleared

Wellington Street in Ottawa is completely empty today as Police have cleared the last remnants of the trucker protest from the thoroughfare that houses Canada’s Parliament, the Supreme Court ands many other government buildings. Police say they have blocked the street with fencing to “ensure the ground gained back is not lost,” in a tweet issued today. People trying to get into the downtown area of Ottawa are still being stopped and questioned.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s takeback of the core, a total of 191 peopled were arrested, 57 trucks were towed and today Ottawa Police are warning residents whose private vehicles are on downtown streets to move them or they will also be towed.

Meanwhile the Special Investigations Unit is investigating two incidents stemming from the police action. In one instance a woman was reported to have sustained a serious injury from one of the Toronto Police horse units and another investigation involves someone hit by a rubber bullet fired by a Vancouver officer.

Ottawa mayor Jim Watson has been suggesting that the impounded vehicles be sold to pay for some of the costs incurred by the city during the blockade. Watson himself has been the target of criticism for his part in orchestrating a deal with the truckers to allow them to move more of their trucks into the downtown core and away from residential neighbourhoods.

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