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Significant progress in Day Two of trucker blockade clearance

Significant progress in Day Two of trucker blockade clearance

A mid-morning surge by Ottawa Police, bolstered by RCMP and municipal police forces from across Canada resulted in the virtual clearing of track convoy demonstrators from the Parliamentary precinct in the Nation’s capital. As police advanced, they smashed the windows of parked trucks in order to gain access, and that action seemed to stimulate a mass departure of other trucks from the area. Police then started pushing protesters onto side streets away from the Parliament buildings.

47 arrests were made as police progressed along Wellington Street which runs in front of the Parliament Buildings. Police say the total number of arrets since the beginning of the police operation Friday is over 170.

Police also executed an aggressive communication plan with a series of tweets describing the progress of the operation. Unlike yesterday Police wore helmets, facemasks and carried batons as they advanced. The Toronto mounted unit was used to push back demonstrators. On some occasions police deployed pepper spray.

Acting Police Chief Steve Bell said there has been a lot of disinformation posted by demonstrators.

The New York Times came under criticism for its coverage of the police action for a story that said protesters were arrested at gunpoint. Police did point guns at trucks as they were being opened for searching, but did not point weapons at protestors.

All but ignored while the police action was underway was a debate in the House of Commons on the invocation of the Emergency Act by Prime Minister Trudeau. The matter will come to a vote on Monday, but by then Police will have had an additional two days to clear the streets of demonstrators.

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