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Showdown with police in Ottawa blockade appears imminent

Showdown with police in Ottawa blockade appears imminent

The truck horns are blaring again in downtown Ottawa as more police were moved into the parliamentary precinct early today. Reporters said they detected a flurry of social media posts by protestors noting the police presence and advising supporters to get ready for possible police action.

Ottawa police started by erecting fences around buildings along Wellington Street where Parliament and other key government buildings are located.

Acting Chief Steve Bell told reporters his forces were ready to end the blockade. Police spent most of the day erecting fences between the street and government buildings and handing out what appear to be final warnings to protestors. At a news briefing Bell said checkpoints will be established to keep protesters from swarming into downtown Ottawa as they have in past weekends. He said talks had taken place with Children’s Aid to make sure protesters’ children will be safe during any police action. He was asked if the time for negotiation had come to an end.

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