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Ottawa Acting Police Chief faces the music again

Ottawa Acting Police Chief faces the music again

Another day another meeting with angry Ottawa politicians for Ottawa Acting Police Chief Steve Bell on his second day in the new role. Yesterday he faced an angry Police Services Board who he must face again tomorrow. Today it was Ottawa City Council. As was the case yesterday most of the questions were about when police will move to break up the convoy and Bell was unable to provide much detail as he explained in order not to tip off the protestors. He did tell one councillor that when police move in on the encampment its is going to take days to clear them out, unless for some reason the protestors start to leave voluntarily.

In answer to questions Bell said that lack of resources is no longer a problem, that he is comfortable with the amount of support he is getting from RCMP, OPP and from several municipal police services in Ontario. He also confirmed that the plan to end the lockdown is in place. Still, none of that was making any impression on Ottawa Councillor Catherine McKenney, who phoned in her questions from behind the truckers barricades.

Today printed warning notices we handed out to the truckers, telling them that they were breaking the law and ordering them to leave immediately. Many of the protestors said they had no intention of leaving, although one rig was seen leaving the lockdown zone Wednesday afternoon.

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