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Ottawa Police Chief is out as standoff continues in Ottawa

Ottawa Police Chief is out as standoff continues in Ottawa

The Ottawa trucker standoff has claimed its first victim as reports out of Ottawa say Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has handed in his resignation. His position became tenuous starting with an emergency meeting of the Ottawa Police Services Board on February 6, where Sloly told the board that his service lacked the resources to end the blockade. Over the ensuing days reinforcements from the OPP, the RCMP and Ontario municipal Police Services sent in reinforcements but no visible action to end the blockade was seen. Over the weekend, as the Ambassador Bridge blockade was ended without incident, Ottawa reporters filed stories talking about Ottawa officers sitting in cruisers, ignoring protesters who were openly carrying jerry can filled with fuel after an attempt to block the fuel relay had apparently failed. The sight of bouncy castles and hot tubs in the Parliament precinct were a further indication that the situation was apparently beyond control.

Behind the scenes tensions at Ottawa Police

Multiple sources have told CBC News that Sloly allegedly belittled and berated senior Ottawa Police Service officers in front of their colleagues, and has failed to put forward a solid operations plan to end the crisis. In addition, sources say he allegedly has come into conflict with members of the OPP and RCMP tasked with assisting the city’s law enforcement efforts during the crisis. The CBC is reporting that at least three incident commanders were switched out of their roles since the crisis began.

The relatively peaceful dismantling of the Ambassador Bridge standoff intensified comparisons with what was going on in Ottawa and the declaration of emergencies by the city of Ottawa, Ontario and the Federal Government added to the pressure for action by Ottawa police.

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