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Local Truckers are taking part in Ottawa blockade

Local Truckers are taking part in Ottawa blockade

A group in Ottawa have come up with a unique response to the trucker protest there. On a new website dubbed Ottawa Omicronvoy they are publishing photos and a rolodex of more than 200 trucking companies whose rigs are blocking Ottawa Streets. A number of Hamilton-area companies have been photographed and posted to the site.

The creators of the site say, “our mission is to document businesses identified as being involved in the 2022 Freedom Convoy protest and subsequent occupation of Ottawa. By archiving and tagging we hope to create a detailed record of the scale of this occupation.”

The site goes on to say that not all the companies whose name appears on the cabs are necessarily directly involved. “Please don’t assume that because a business was represented at the protest that they condoned the actions of their drivers. Many trucking businesses are owner/operators, working under contract for a parent company.”

But it warns companies, “businesses, you should be more careful about who associates with your name.”

Under the heading “Site Mission” the site reads

“Ottawa Police have failed the citizens of Ottawa.

Mayor Jim Watson has abandoned the citizens of Ottawa.

Premier Doug Ford never cared about the citizens of Ottawa.

Trust has been completely violated with the citizens of Ottawa.

The lack of action of every level of law enforcement and government implies that the behaviour of these occupiers is acceptable. Words are meaningless without action. It has been fifteen days of lawlessness in Ottawa and the situation is very clearly not under control. No police on the streets. No vehicles being towed. No charges being laid.”

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