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Are there signs that something’s up in Ottawa re the blockade?

Are there signs that something’s up in Ottawa re the blockade?

With the successful dismantling to the Ambassador Bridge Blockade in Windsor, and the thwarting of a blockade in Toronto, all eyes turn back to Ottawa. Reporters told CP 24 Sunday that the protestors there are openly defying police and that the gasoline seizures has been a failure. Prime Minister Trudeau, who is getting increasing criticism for the failure to bring the blockade to an end ,called a Sunday meeting of the Incident Response Group, consisting of ministers and senior officials. A news release following the meeting contained the following sentences:

“Today, the OPP, the RCMP, and the Ottawa Police Service established an enhanced Integrated Command Centre in response to the escalation of the current occupation in Ottawa. Additionally, the Prime Minister and ministers discussed further immediate actions the federal government is considering, and will reconvene tomorrow.”

The news of an integrated command centre involving OPP and RCMP prompted some observers to speculate that the reinforcements that Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has been requesting for a week, may be closer to deployment, and that command of any operation that may ensue will be shared.

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