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Ransomware works: Study

Ransomware works: Study

A study by Canadian IT company, NOVIPRO reveals that more than half (56%) of organizations targeted by malware have paid the ransoms requested by cybercriminals. Of these, one of three companies (33%) retained the services of a negotiator, while 23% proceeded without the help of an intermediary.

Sixty percent of companies have sensitive customer data (e.g. confidential information, credit card numbers, social insurance numbers, etc.) and nearly one third (28%) value their information assets (data, people, processes, recipes, etc.) at more than $1 million.

Says Yves Paquette, co-founder and CEO of NOVIPRO. ” If organizations invested even a fraction of the potential cost of an attack, they could easily put systems in place to guard against such fraud. In the physical world, you’d employ a detachment of guards to protect something with a seven-figure value, however, there still seems to be a disconnect when the ‘something’ is digital.”

Nearly half (43%) of respondents are more concerned about a breach since the introduction of remote work, prompting most organizations (76%) to take the time to review their security practices, whether it’s providing training to employees (32%), developing a telecommuting policy (31%) or investing in software (29%), to name a few.

Work-from-home means cloud computing is here to stay

While the fifth edition of this study found a marked acceleration in cloud adoption by Canadian businesses due to COVID-19, the 2021 data shows that the trend continues. No doubt a sign that telecommuting or telework is becoming permanent, a third of respondents (33%) cite it as one of the reasons IT professionals encourage or would encourage companies to opt for cloud computing.

Attraction and retention are the challenges of the day

Not surprisingly, the difficulty of attracting qualified resources (43%) and the retention of key personnel (39%) are the major challenges for human resources in the IT field. The pandemic has exacerbated these issues as more than a third of organizations have struggled to attract skilled talent (45%), retain key resources (36%) or engage and motivate teams (31%).

About the NOVIPRO/Leger 2022 Survey

The data for the sixth edition of the PORTRAIT of IT in Medium and Large Canadian Companies NOVIPRO/Leger comes from a web survey conducted between October 1 and 25, 2021, among 491 respondents, including 288 IT decision-makers, 97 decision-makers who do not work in IT, 81 decision-makers who are neither directors nor IT and 25 NOVIPRO clients.

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