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Aldershot residents got the final word Thursday on plans for the reconstruction of Plains Road West from Waterdown Road to Spring Gardens Road.

At a virtual public meeting City staff made it clear that, when the work starts, there will be traffic disruptions.

“There will be lane restrictions on Plains Road in order to complete the required construction work. Residents should expect the centre turn lane to be repurposed as a through traffic lane in order for the contractor to safely complete curb and sidewalk removal and installation work”.

Staff added that some work will take place at night, but that the contractor has been told to leave the eastbound lanes open in the morning and the westbound lanes open in the evening to accommodate the rush hours.

The work will begin towards the end of May, 2022 and take at least until the end of the year.

It was also revealed during the meeting that the entrances to most of the residential driveways on the north side will need to be rebuilt to properly align with the new sidewalk. Depending on the specific driveway, the work could include regrading, retaining walls and landscaping.

Project Manager Rob Stewart said that homeowners in the area between Patricia and Daryl Drives have historically experienced problems with their driveway slopes.

“No one wants to be bottoming out and scraping the bottom of their car while trying to get in and out of their driveway. I think we can definitely improve it and make it better for everyone”.

The nearly ten-million-dollar project will completely revitalize the roadway in a manner consistent with the Plains Road Village Vision and place particular emphasis on cycling safety.

Councillor Kelvin Galbraith told the meeting that he is “very excited about this project. Really looking forward to it”.

The new roadway will include Burlington’s first “protected” cycling lane. It will be off the road, on the north side, as part of a much-widened sidewalk platform. The pedestrian part will be separated from the cycling lane by pavement markings. On the south side the new cycling lane will be on the road.

All the intersections along the route from Spring Gardens to Daryl will be improved with new, raised, corner safety islands and crosswalks. These enhancements are expected to slow turning vehicles, reduce crosswalk walking distance and improve safety.

The most significant intersections, Daryl, Howard and Gorton will be further enhanced with new traffic lights specifically to manage the flow of bicycles.

The project will also feature better bus stop locations, a reduction in overhead hydro and Bell lines and all new street lighting on the north side.

By Rick Craven

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