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Hospitalizations, outbreaks drop in Hamilton

Hospitalizations, outbreaks drop in Hamilton

Hospitalizations took a sharp drop in Hamilton and Halton although ICU cases were relatively unchanged. Hamilton’s COVID hospital count dropped by 26 cases to 255 while ICU cases dropped by one to 34. In Halton, hospital cases dropped 10 to 99 but ICU was unchanged at 23. The death tolls continue to mount with the Omicron variant running through long-term care and hospitals. Hamilton reported four deaths overnight and Halton three. AS positive indicator in Hamilton is the number of outbreaks dropped by eight to 72—down from a high of 101 earlier in the month. Two of Hamilton’s outbreaks showed spikes in case counts—The Arbour Creek Care Centre cases count went from  48 cases to 86 cases overnight; and Revera The Meadows Long Term Care Home, went from 31` to 69 cases overnight. Halton has 27 outbreaks.

The province is reporting 4,008 people are hospitalized with #COVID19. 55% were admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 and 45% were admitted for other reasons but have tested positive for COVID-19.

626 people are in ICU with #COVID19. 85% of patients admitted to the ICU were admitted for COVID-19 and 15% were admitted for other reasons but have tested positive for COVID-19.

The daily new COVID case count is 3424, and although that figure is understated due to the restrictions on testing, it is still below daily counts of more than 10,000 that were recoded 10 days ago under similar restrictions. The death toll continues to mount with 64 deaths recorded—the highest single day count since the Omicron wave began.

There were more than 66,000 vaccinations administered. The number of booster shots administered is 6,041,636, and the number of children aged 5-11 with a shot is 562,000 or 52.1 percent of that age group.

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