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House arrest for paramedics in deadly good Samaritan ambulance call

House arrest for paramedics in deadly good Samaritan ambulance call

Two former Hamilton paramedics who questioned the seriousness of the wound of a  19-year-old shooting victim Yosif Al-Hasnawi have been given an 18 month conditional sentence to be served in the community. They were convicted of failure to provide the necessities of life.

Justice Harrison Arrell sentenced  Steve Snively and Christopher Marchant to six months of house arrest followed by a curfew for the rest of the sentence plus 150 hours of community service. Both men were fired from their jobs with Hamilton Emergency Measures.

The judge could have imposed a prison term but chose to instead the lighter sentence since the pair did not directly cause Al-Hasnawi’s wound which was inflicted by Dale King. King shot Al-Hasnawi  who intervened in a confrontation in which King was harassing an elderly person .

Arrell ruled that instead of following extensive training as professionals, they listened to bystanders who suggested the wound had been caused by a pellet gun.

“I conclude these failures by the accused were not simple inadvertence, thoughtlessness or simple error in judgment, but instead was a conscious decision to ignore the obvious evidence before them,” Arrell said in reading his decision.

The union representing the former workers says an appeal of the conviction will go forward.

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