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Monday garbage collection in Hamilton cancelled

Monday garbage collection in Hamilton cancelled

The first casualty of todays blizzard is garbage collection. Due to road conditions caused by the heavy snowfall, the City is informing residents that waste collection scheduled for today is cancelled. Resident with a Monday garbage day will have to hang onto their trash for another week.

The City is asking that residents hold back their waste until their next regularly scheduled collection day. The next regularly scheduled collection day for impacted residents will fall on Monday, January 24.

The bag limit for waste will be increased to two bags before needing trash tags for residents who do not receive waste pick-up today.

With snow and high winds expected over the course of the remaining winter season, the City offers some tips for securing waste and containers in winter weather conditions:

Wait until 7 am to place green cart, blue boxes and garbage at the curb

Place heaviest recycling items on the top of the blue box to weigh down the lighter items

Stand up paper or cardboard in the blue box instead of laying it flat

Keep recyclables below the rim of the blue box

Don’t use a garbage bin – use a bag instead so the container does not blow around once emptied

Clear the snow off of the blue boxes, green carts and waste containers so they are visible to the collection crews from the street

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  • Disagree with two of the tips:
    1. Put paper recycling flat in bin, not upright as suggested. It presents less surface area to the wind, and allows you to more easily follow two other tips: putting heavier recycling on top, and not letting recycling protrude over the rim.
    2. They suggest not using a bin for garbage because empty bins can be blown around. Dealing with a rogue bin in the neighborhood is a lot easier than dealing with loose garbage due to animals tearing through your bag because there was no bin . So this tip is only valid in neighborhoods with low populations of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, and coyotes (I.E. probably none).

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