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Ontario Hospital Association says current COVID wave poses a risk to hospital system

Ontario Hospital Association says current COVID wave poses a risk to hospital system

On the day when Ontario is reporting its highest single-day COVID count since May with over 1600 cases reported, the Ontario Hospital Association is asking Ontarians to take every measure possible to keep from overwhelming the hospital system.

Anthony Dale, President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association has issed a statement that says in part,“currently, hospitalization levels from COVID-19 are relatively stable. However, the system anticipates and is actively planning for a significant increase in the number of patients with COVID-related critical illness in intensive care units through December and into January. The unvaccinated are at much higher risk of this serious illness than the vaccinated population.

Ontario’s hospital system has dealt with major surges before and will apply that experience, as well as clinical advances in treatment. However, while Ontario’s overall ICU capacity has increased during the pandemic, it is  finite, especially because cases are not distributed equally across the province. Hospitals in some communities are already coping with heavy pressures. In short, COVID-19 – and the Omicron variant in particular – represent a major threat to the hospital system.

In this race against time, our strongest defence is vaccination. We encourage all eligible Ontarians to book appointments as soon as possible, especially those who have not yet received their first or second doses, including school-age children. Those who are most at-risk and currently eligible to receive a third dose should do so immediately to increase their level of protection.”

The last time Ontario had 1600 COVID cases was in May. At that time there were 1041 persons in hospital and 693 in ICU. As a result of the vaccination program, with 1600 new COVID cases reported today, Ontario has 323 in hospital and 146 of them are in ICU.

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