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Journalism: Chris Cuomo firing showcases weakness in Cable news

Journalism: Chris Cuomo firing showcases weakness in Cable news

Its hard to understand why CNN fired nighttime anchor Chris Cuomo, for apparently a breach of journalistic ethics, by acting as a hands-on advisor to his embattled brother Andrew. Frankly, there is so little in the way of Journalism at CNN. MSNBC or Fox, why pick on Cuomo? Journalism used to be “we report…you decide…” Now it’s more like “we decide and then find facts to support what we have decided.” That unfortunately applies to all of the Cable news networks on both sides of the political divide. This idea that Fox was the only bad guy is nonsense. Tired of seeing FOX eat their lunch in the ratings, CNN and MSNBC shed any vestige of balance in their reporting even before Trump was elected but certainly after. Its all opinion, all the time.

The only trustworthy TV news coming out of the US these days would be PBS which nobody watches, and ironically—the half-hour suppertime newscasts that the three legacy networks have been producing since the beginning of television. In a 30 minute-newscast (24 minutes or less after subtracting commercials for a variety of geriatric products), there simply isn’t enough time to engage in talking heads, so the producers pretty much have to stick to the Five W’s.

Donald Trump may have been an evil clown, but the division he created was a blessing to cable news outlets on both ends of the political spectrum. Since Trump’s departure in January Cuomo’s ratings mirrored most of the rest of the Cable news industry by dropping over 70 percent overall and more than 80 percent in the sought-after 25-54 age category.

Personally, I won’t miss the lugubrious hand-off Cuomo used to do each night with Don Lemon who followed him in the 10 PM slot. But it must be said he was a talented communicator, and a very good interviewer. Unfortunately, there is not much coming back from a journalistic fall from grace. Just ask Brian Williams who is about to leave the 11PM timeslot ghetto at MSNBC to which he was exiled six years ago for making up stuff about his reporting from a war zone in the Mideast. Prior to that he had made NBC Nightly News number one.

Back to Cuomo, on his way out the door last week he was slapped with a 16-year-old sexual harassment allegation.

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