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Help give toys to kids in hospital at Christmas

Help give toys to kids in hospital at Christmas

The Mac Kids Foundation is looking to raise $50,000 to provide Christmas toys for the hospital’s young patients. They are asking that in this current environment, people consider making a cash donation in lieu of toy drives or other donations of toys and gift items for patients.

The  Child Life Team will purchase critical toys and bedside activities that support the developmental and educational needs of patients, many of whom aren’t able to leave their rooms.

Examples of some of the items the Child Life Team hopes to purchase with your donations include:

Sensory Items used to support children’s cognitive and physical development, such as: Music players, Light up toys, Tactile kits, and Fidget toys

Bedside Activities used to support patients’ creativity, emotional expression, motor and communication skills, such as: Crib toys, Play sets (ie. Lego, Little People), Arts supplies and Craft kits and activities.

To make a donation click here.

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