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Canada’s Gang Green led the G7 in numbers of delegates sent to Glasgow

Canada’s Gang Green led the G7 in numbers of delegates sent to Glasgow

If there was a gold star for attendance Canada would get it. At the recent world conference on climate change in Glasgow, Canada (contributing 1.6 percent of the World’s GHG emissions) had more registered participants than any other of the G7 nations.  According to the United Nations list of registered delegates, even UK the host country was a distant second in attendees. The official Canadian delegation listed over 200 attendees. But participation by individual nations is nothing compared to the number of people sent by some nearly 1600 non-governmental organizations who collectively contributed more than 9.500 delegates–145 of whom were also Canadians. Climate Change Action Canada sent only 24 delegates. While the World Wildlife Fund managed 80.

If you add on all of the other countries with their entourages and ‘tag along’ crowds plus the thousands of protesters you realize it must have looked like a travelling circus coming to town.  Interestingly enough, Russia and China who are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions were not part of the think tank.  Then there is the United States which boggles your mind bringing their plane loads of secret service personnel and armored vehicles so that Biden can have his huge motorcades wherever he stops along the way.  The logistics compare to the invasion of Normandy in WW2.

The reviews are mixed on what progress was made at this conference.  For sure more goals were set, more promises made, and everyone tried to figure out how much money to throw at climate change and who actually pays for it.  In closing they all look forward to another meeting of the minds next year.  Meanwhile as the real world continued and more weather catastrophes descended upon us there were line ups at the gas pumps for that commodity everyone needs when trouble hits. 

It is reported that this conference created twice the carbon footprint of the last one and get this, there have been 26 of them since the one in Stockholm in 1972 when the population of the planet was half of what it is today. Is there any solid evidence that all of these efforts to date in trying to outwit ‘mother nature’ have had any real affect?  One would only hope so, but is there any factual proof?

I am sure that the flood victims in British Columbia were comforted when they saw Trudeau and his cronies working hard in Glasgow trying to prevent catastrophic climate related events, while they waded through knee deep water trying to find their farm animals.  Oh well, maybe things will improve when we all drive electric cars, or at least until the lights go out in the next major weather event.

By Roy Merkley

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