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HHSC employees either get the shot or get the boot

HHSC employees either get the shot or get the boot

Tuesday is D-Day for unvaccinated HHSC employees.  That’s the day when hospital employees either get vaccinated or be handed a pink slip. In a release the hospital noted, “HHS has provided ample time for everyone to comply with the vaccination management policy with the first requirements coming into effect nearly three months ago. To date, 68 individuals have been subjects of our discipline process for not complying with reporting or testing. This includes seven dismissals. Between now and November 30, all individuals who still have not reported their vaccination status will receive notice of immediate termination.” According to HHSC, more than 96 per cent of HHS’ workforce have complied with the vaccination mandate. This means that just over 360 staff and fewer than five physicians remain unvaccinated.

Come Tuesday Nov 30, the following measures will be taken:

Staff and physicians who are not fully vaccinated by November 30 will receive a notice of termination on December 1, effective January 26, 2022. However, this termination notice may be rescinded if employees become fully vaccinated by January 26 (this means getting their second dose on, or before, January 12).

Individuals who have received a single vaccine dose by the deadline will have the opportunity to avoid termination by signing a written agreement, undertaking to become fully vaccinated by January 26, 2022. Those who don’t meet this commitment will be terminated, effective January 26.

Medical reporting for those who are unvaccinated and choose to go on sick leave following November 30 will be closely scrutinized. Those without a legitimate reason, according to Health, Safety and Wellness processes or policies, will not have their medical leave approved.

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