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Ontario looking for private sector help in improving digital government

Ontario looking for private sector help in improving digital government

The Ontario government wants to borrow some of Ontario’s best digital and data talent to help our with major digital government projects They are asking private sector companies with digital expertise to nominate  digital and data professionals — senior backend developers, product managers, user experience designers, service designers and data specialists — operating within Ontario to help solve the government’s most pressing design, data and technology challenges. Called the Digital and Data Innovation Fellowship Program the government says it will help Ontario on a path to digitizing more government services “by inviting Ontario’s best digital and data practitioners to work on transformational digital projects.” The program would involve six month secondments starting in February 2022.

Said Kaleed Rasheed, Associate Minister of Digital Government. “Leveraging the expertise of the private sector will help us deliver simpler, faster and better services to the people of Ontario.”

Placements will each include one to two fellows to join a multidisciplinary team embedded within a ministry. Six to 10 fellows will be onboarded across four ministries. Fellows can expect to work on the following projects:

The projects

The Courts Digital Transformation Initiative at the Ministry of the Attorney General, which will deliver digital access to courts.

The Service Modernization Project at the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry will create new digital services for permits, licenses and authorizations.

The Digital Identity Program at the Ontario Digital Service that will enable easier, more secure access to online services.

The Compliance Modernization Project at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs will further enhance the Ministry’s inspection and compliance programs, making them more client-focused and digital/data-driven.

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