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Feds to drop COVID test on short trips to the US

Feds to drop COVID test on short trips to the US

Great new is coming for Canadian cross-border shoppers and weekend visitors to the US. Fully vaccinated Canadians who leave the country for fewer than 72 hours will no longer need to submit a negative PCR test to return home, according to sources in Ottawa.

The new announcement could come as early as Friday and it will be good news for Canadian travelers, business groups and residents of municipalities close to the American border.

As part of the changes first reported by La Presse, the obligation to get a negative molecular test such as a PCR test will remain for any traveler who leaves Canada for more than three days as well as returning citizens or permanent residents who are not fully vaccinated with a shot approved by Health Canada.

The news comes as the federal l government has come increasingly under pressure from both American and Canadian officials and travelers to drop the requirement, particularly for short cross-border trips.

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