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Hamilton’s COVID outlook is cautiously optimistic

Hamilton’s COVID outlook is cautiously optimistic

Members of Hamilton’s Board of Health got some good news at their monthly meeting. So far, Hamilton is bucking the recent provincial spike in cases and hospitalizations and the forecast going forward suggests a manageable case load even as people move indoors. A staff presentation noted that the 4th wave of the pandemic stated in July and by late August Hamilton was averaging 80 new cases a day– a number that has been decreasing ever since, Last month the number of daily cases was down to 25 and as of last Friday Hamilton was down to 15 cases. Hamilton has been hovering between 14 and 18 daily cases for the past several weeks.

In addition to case counts remaining stable, Hospitalizations and deaths have remained low.

Also, staff reported, Hamilton is not experiencing the surge that the rest of the province has. Earlier in the 4th wave, Hamilton’s experience generally tracked with provincial numbers, In the current phase (referred to as the post-peak phase) Hamilton is now experiencing fewer new cases than ware seen in the provincial trend. Hamilton is one of very few health units that is not trending upwards.

Looking ahead, the board of Health was provided with three scenarios.

  • Continued public health measures to January 31
  • Reopening, where masking would be at 60 percent, reducing down to 0 percent by end of March
  • Reopening as above but with 40% child vaccination by end of year

Scenario 2 would result in a case rise to 40 per day and 73 additional hospitalizations to end of January.

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