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Disillusioned former Green Leader resigns leadership and party

Disillusioned former Green Leader resigns leadership and party

Annamie Paul, the Green Party leader, has made it official by formally resigning the post and also turning in her membership card in the Green Party.

Her formal resignation follows her announcement in September following the election of her plans to step down.

Paul was the first Black and Jewish woman to lead a major political party in Canada, but things quickly turned sour as she fell out with the party executive who tried to oust her as leader. During the election campaign Paul said she was denied access to funds to fight a campaign and was forced to campaign mainly in the Toronto Centre riding which she lost to Liberal Marci Ien.

After the election former leader Elizabeth May said Paul; didn’t seem to understand the workings of the Green Party which does not place as much discretionary power in its leaders as the other parties do. For her part, Paul said there were racist overtones to her difficulties with the party executive and that the leadership was the “worst experience of her life.”

Whatever the case, the infighting and disastrous election resulted in only two Green MPs elected, and a major loss of credibility for a party that seemed to be gaining momentum.

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