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It’s Nuttier Than You Think!

It’s Nuttier Than You Think!

Chocolate Bliss, Coconut Crunch and Maple Cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet? These are a few of the five flavour varieties available in a brand new, highly nutritious, natural nut butter spread called NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter recently developed by Halton couple Courtney and Arjun Rattan.

As athletes, the Rattan’s regularly included nuts and seeds as part of their diet because of their rich source of energy and nutrients provided, before and after training. With their busy schedules, the Rattan’s found it challenging to incorporate all of the individual superfoods to their daily routine in a flavourful and time-saving way. Unable to find a variety of tasty spreads on the market, they decided to create their own nut spread with innovative flavours and low sugar that was also all-natural.

Courtney and Arjun Rattan

Q. What sets your product/business apart from your competitors?

“There are other flavoured nut spreads available on the market of course, but three things together, set us apart; the nutritional content, our charitable contributions, and our flavour profiles. We have tried to recreate familiar Canadian flavours in a nutritional product that would have mass appeal”, Courtney proudly remarked.

Q. What were some of the challenges that you faced?

As with a great sense of accomplishment, Courtney replies, “It took a lot of time creating a spread that was as high as possible in nutritional value. We consulted with food industry experts; using taste-testers and surveys for eight months. We weren’t fully satisfied until the recipes each included 12 nuts and seeds, to meet the value that we wanted to offer our customers. On September 21, NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter was born.

Both of us were new to the food industry but had transferable skills”, added Rattan. Courtney is a Fundraising Specialist for Relay For Life with the Canadian Cancer Society, and Arjun; a GIS Specialist with Halton Region’s Legislative & Planning Services Department.

The company holds both a CFIA and SFCR License (which includes implementing an HACCP and PCP plan) as well as Halton Region Food Safety Certifications. “Acquiring these licenses and certifications took a lot of work and we are proud to have them because they ensure our food is safe!”, added Courtney.

The couple are entirely hands-on in the process from marketing, recipe development, to the end product. Each batch is made carefully by the couple, by hand.

Q. Can you explain the charitable portion of the business?

“We have to give back to the community; to help build a stronger community. That was really important to both of us to include in the business model.

We have committed to donating to Feed Ontario and TreeEra Canada for every individual 150g/340g jar, sampler pack (5x150g) or item from our merch store purchased. Details can be found on our website NuttyHero Nut & Seed Butter. To further reduce our environmental impact, all our packaging is plastic-free,” Courtney adds.

Q. What is the company’s range of distribution?

“We can ship our product nationwide. Infact, we have already completed orders from coast-to-coast to five of the provinces in the short six weeks since the company launched in September.

We’re really proud of and grateful for the success that we’ve had so far through only word-of-mouth, family & friends as well as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Our company is online, but we’re excited to share that our product can already be found locally in Picone Fine Foods, Cherry Birch General, Apothecary Kitchen in the Hamilton Farmers Market, and at The Workshop Sophisticated Gifting,” lists Rattan.

“NuttyHero represents the inner playful spirit in all of us.”

Michele Bogle is a Food & Entertainment freelance journalist from Burlington.

Michele Bogle is a Food & Entertainment freelance journalist from Burlington.

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