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Truckers tried to avoid Niagara truck inspection station

Truckers tried to avoid Niagara truck inspection station

Truckers trying to avoid the Vineland Commercial Vehicle Inspection station got a nasty surprise last week, when they encountered a Niagara Police-MTO inspection squad on Lincoln’s back roads. During the course of this initiative, officers focused their patrol efforts in Beamsville, with attention placed on Westbound Commercial Motor Vehicle traffic that appeared to be bypassing the Vineland Commercial Vehicle Impound Facility (CVIF) using municipal roads. Upon stopping a Commercial Motor Vehicle, if an officer made a determination that a full mechanical inspection of the vehicle should be completed; the vehicle was then directed to the Vineland CVIF for full inspection.

Niagara Police say this initiative is also intended to serve as a reminder to the trucking industry that if you bypass the Vineland CVIF in the Town of Lincoln, expect to be stopped and inspected. 

In the blitz, 39 tucks were stopped. 18 of them were sent to the inspection centre and seven of them were pulled off the road.

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