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CUMIS orchard provides tons of apples for community needs

CUMIS orchard provides tons of apples for community needs

You may have noticed it on the 403 westbound just around Waterdown Road, The CUMIS building (near the 403 Waterdown exit) sits on one of the only non-commercial apple orchards left in Burlington. CUMIS’ longstanding commitment to caring for the community led to the first Apple Day 30 years ago, where employees volunteered to pick apples and donate them to local organizations. Since then, over one million apples have been harvested from the orchard and distributed to local community organizations.

This week, adhering to health and safety guidelines, CUMIS and Co-operators employee volunteers harvested 13,000 lbs of apples from the CUMIS orchard. The apples have been donated to local community groups including Food for Life and Halton Food for Thought. This is the 30th year of this volunteer employee lead initiative. 

In 30 years, CUMIS and Co-operators volunteers have picked enough apples to:

•             Make 346,000 cups of apple juice

•             Bake 230,000 apple pies

•             Provide 1.3 million healthy snacks to those in need in our community

A single apple tree can produce up to 600 pounds of fruit.

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