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Have your say on zoning changes in Waterdown


Have your say on zoning changes in Waterdown

 As Waterdown transitions from its original village configuration to a major urban centre, it is necessary to introduce zoning changes that will support the rapid growth the community is experiencing while preserving the historical features of the village core. Judi Partridge, the councillor for the area, noted, “the Secondary Plan identifies the core of Waterdown on Dundas is focused on heritage and pedestrian friendly area encouraging walkability.  The corner of Hamilton Street at Dundas Street intersection currently has an old gas station. The zoning change to that property would remove a gas station/automotive from the allowed uses. The zoning change would ensure uses allowed need to be more pedestrian friendly with less vehicle dominated uses.”

In areas a way from the historic core, taller buildings are allowed, but there are stipulations that require setbacks above the second storey and the allowance for green space around the buildings. Elsewhere in Waterdown some of the areas zoned commercial will nonetheless have restrictions imposed on businesses that have drive-throughs.

The city is asking for feedback from the public. A complete list of the proposed zoning changes with maps and diagrams is available here. Feedback will be collected until Thursday, October 14, 2021.

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