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Hamilton woman tells story of fighting back against schizophrenia

Hamilton woman tells story of fighting back against schizophrenia

When Hamiltonian Samantha Mercanti was just 20, the onset of schizophrenia left her lost, shattered and without hope. Embracing Schizophrenia: My Story of Struggle, Strength, Resilience and Hope is her story.  Samantha, as she says, wrote this book from her heart.

Broken, barely able to function, but with the unfailing support of her family, she fought back, determined that mental illness would not defeat or define her. As she struggled to find treatments that worked, she discovered ways of helping her body, mind and soul stay strong. She fought for herself against a triad of mental illnesses to return to health, complete her education, and lead, in her words, a good and decent life, making peace with the condition that has made her who she is today.

Embracing Schizophrenia is the story of Samantha Mercanti’s experience with schizophrenia. The story is light and positive but at the same time shows the difficulties Samantha experienced, and continues to experience, in her recovery and her life. Embracing Schizophrenia is a story of struggle, strength, resilience and hope that opens a window onto mental illness and illuminates it so we can all understand just a little bit better.

The book includes reflections from Samantha’s friends and family because she believes mental illness affects everyone – her experience not only affected her, but everyone around her. These contributions offer insight to those supporting someone experiencing mental illness.

Through her story Samantha aims to bring hope to those in the midst of mental illness and to let everyone know that recovery is possible. Samantha now advocates for others who are experiencing mental illness, with the goal of ensuring that no one with a mental illness is ever forgotten. She hopes to educate and to eliminate the shadows that still hide mental illness – and let all those in the grips of such an illness know they too can recover.

Samantha Mercanti

Samantha’s goal is to end the stigma around mental illness. Samantha will contribute some proceeds from the sale of the book to improve the mental health system, awareness in mental health and advocacy, and mental health education.  Embracing Schizophrenia: My Story of Struggle, Strength, Resilience and Hope is available now for $24.99 from Amazon:  or by contacting the author at or through

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