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DNA says Vance lied about being the dad, as DND report he can’t be prosecuted


DNA says Vance lied about being the dad, as DND report he can’t be prosecuted

There is a 99.9991 percent chance that retired General Jonathan Vance lied about the paternity of a child according to Global News. Major Kellie Brennan had alleged that Vance had fathered a child with her, years after he had claimed that the sexual relationship had ended. And now in a new twist on the case, the Department of National Defense is saying that Vance cannot be prosecuted in military court for the sexual misconduct, nor the lying, because the military law says the judge must outrank the accused. There is no member of the Canadian forces that outranks the Chief of Defense staff.

Vance had claimed that his relationship with Brennan had ended in 2001 after the two were stationed at Camp Gagetown New Brunswick. However, the DNA test conducted showed a more than 99 percent chance that Vance had fathered the child whose age was not given, but was born after 2021.

Both Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh have said they would establish a tribunal that would have the power to prosecute the highest-ranking military officers. Prime Minister Trudeau says he will make a decision after conferring with officials.

Vance was appointed to the position of Chief of Defence Staff by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2015, shortly before the election of the Justin Trudeau Government. He continued to serve until he announced his retirement in 2020. Shortly after his retirement, the rumors of Vance’s affair with Brennan surfaced. She claims Vance told her to lie about their 20-year relationship and had bragged that he “owned the military police.”

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