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St. Catharines election campaign gets ugly

St. Catharines election campaign gets ugly

Vandalism has reared its head in the riding of St. Catharines where there is a tight race between incumbent Liberal Chris Bittle and Conservative challenger Krystina Waler. In a Twitter feed, Bittle posed a picture of his car that had been spray-painted with graffiti writing, “last night, while my family and I were sleeping someone came onto my property to vandalize my car. This was clearly an attempt to intimidate me and my campaign.  I am disheartened to see this, but I know this isn’t who we are as a community. Whomever this individual is, I have a message back: I will not be intimidated and I will continue to fight for St. Catharines.

Krystina Waler also posted a tweet denouncing the vandalism; “last night, my political opponent’s car was vandalized in his driveway. hope whoever is responsible is held accountable. We live in a democracy where we can disagree openly and respectfully. There are platforms to do that. Target vandalism, endangering family and volunteers of those you don’t agree with is never, ever acceptable. Chris Bittle, I am glad your family is ok but let this serve as a call to action for all of us to stand united against this targeted attack.  Im sickened.”

A small-sample Mainstreet poll(n-273) with a margin of error +/- 5.9%, shows  Waler with a slight lead.

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