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Election 2021: Day 24, the Leaders

Election 2021: Day 24, the Leaders

With polling showing housing affordability a major issue for Canadian Voters the Liberals outlines their housing plan. They would establish a Rent-To-Own program, a tax-free First Home Savings Account, and doubling of the First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit—all of this aimed at helping first-time buyers save up for a down payment faster.

Like the NDP the Liberals would  temporarily ban foreign ownership, Trudeau also promised to convert unused office spaces into housing units, and create a Housing Accelerator Fund to help cities and towns build more homes faster.

Finally, like the NDP a Liberal Home Buyer’s Bill of Rights will ban blind bidding, enshrine a buyer’s right to a home inspection, and more. Trudeau addressed an outbreak of angry name calling at a rally in London yesterday.

Focusing on economic issues, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole said he would help lower cellphone bills in Canada by allowing foreign competitors to  operate in Canada. He also re-referenced the Conservative plan to build a million houses over the next three years, a plan to balance the budget in ten years, a GST holiday for one month this fall  and loans to small businesses of up to $200,000. He also was aksed about the violence that has dogged Trudeau and appears to be providing Trudeau with a swing in voter intentions.

Jagmeet Singh provided an awkward moment for a Vancouver area Liberal Candidate, Taleeb Noormohamed, who, according CTV Vancouver  has bought and flipped at least 14 houses in one year. Flipping houses within on e year of purchase would be banned under a provision in the Liberal housing platform. Over the weekend Singh repeatedly zeroed in on Trudeau portraying him as saying the right things on major issues like the environment but failing to take action.

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