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Justin Trudeau continues to try to make Erin O’Toole the election issue


Justin Trudeau continues to try to make Erin O’Toole the election issue

At the beginning of the week that many see as pivotal with the summer behind Canadians and two televised debates scheduled the main party leaders were out in full force Monday. At an event in Welland, Justin Trudeau devoted almost all of his remarks to attacks on Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. He repeated his attack s suggesting O’Toole  is beholden to the gun lobby and has a weak position on vaccinations. O’Toole had been critical of Trudeau for staging a campaign event at a Toronto hospital but Trudeau defended his appearance.

The day after Erin O’Toole backtracked on a platform promise to end the Liberals’ ban on assault-style weapons after it had become a wedge issue for the Liberals he made an Ottawa appearance Monday announcing he would double the Canada Workers Benefit to $2,800 for individuals, or $5,000 for families. He said the benefit would amount to the equivalent of a $1 an hour raise for workers earning between $12,000 and $28,000 per year. He had to deal with reporter’s questions about the fact that he has not mandated vaccinations for Conservative candidates.

Jagmeet Singh was in Hamilton touting his party’s promise to provide paid sick days. He attacked Justin Trudeau for calling an election with two years left on his mandate. He suggested the Trudeau gun policy was a last-minute campaign gambit.

Justin Trudeau finally dealt with his growing scandal in the Riding of Kitchener Centre where the sitting Liberal MP, Raj Saini, was facing accusations of sexual harassment of staffers. The party dumped their candidate, effectively conceding the seat to either the Conservatives or the Green Candidate, who finished a strong second in 2019. scandal.

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