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Numbers tell the tale: Vaccinations work!


Numbers tell the tale: Vaccinations work!

Data  compiled by the Ontario Ministry of Health shows in stark outline the risks of remaining unvaccinated or partially vaccinated during the current fourth wave of the pandemic. Figures accumulated since the vaccination program began in December of 2020 and ending August 7 show a total of 10,553,582 individuals in Ontario received at least one dose of vaccine including 9,320,603 individuals who are fully vaccinated. Of these individuals,

Out of the more than 10 million people who received shots, partially vaccinated persons accounted for only 17,256 contracted COVID, and fully vaccinated individuals accounted for only 2,455 cases.

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The data provided some other interesting insights including:

• The number of post-vaccination cases declines dramatically as time from vaccination increases

• Only 6.4% of fully vaccinated persons developed COVID symptoms.

• In the past 30 days, unvaccinated individuals were approximately 8.1 times more likely to

become a case of COVID-19 compared to fully vaccinated individuals.

• In the past 30 days, unvaccinated adults 60 years of age or older were approximately 14.2

times more likely to be hospitalized due to COVID-19 compared to fully vaccinated adults

60 years of age and older.

• Unvaccinated cases accounted for the majority (95.2%) of COVID-19 cases reported since

December 14, 2020 and up to August 7, 2021, with fully vaccinated cases accounted for only 0.6%

The provincial data also showed that roughly 40 percent of fully or partially vaccinated individuals who test positive for COVID are asymptomatic

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