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Day 16: Puppies, water and ‘make the rich pay’


Day 16: Puppies, water and ‘make the rich pay’

The people who made up the angry crowds who harassed Prime Minister Trudeau on the weekend must have day jobs, since they were nowhere to be seen on the campaign trail today.

The Liberal Party of Canada

Justin Trudeau told a crowd of supporters in Granby Quebec that Liberal government would spend $1 billion over 10 years to restore Canada’s large lakes and river systems. The Liberal leader also promised to create a Canada Water Agency by next year to coordinate freshwater-protection initiatives. “There’s never been a government as ambitious as this one on climate change,” Trudeau said. Trudeau has doubled down on the environment after being heckled by angry protesters on the weekend.

The Conservative Party of Canada

A Conservative government would ban puppy mills, O’Toole said from King City, Ont., just north of Toronto. Puppy mills are commercial dog-breeding facilities characterized by quick breeding and poor conditions. He also promised to increase penalties to persons who mistreat animals, noting that animal cruelty is often a signal of possible spousal abuse as well. He riled reporters who grew impatient with his refusal to condemn the musings of one of his Ottawa-area candidates, Cheryl Gallant, well known for loopy pronouncements in past, who suggested a Trudeau government would impose a “climate lockdown.”

The Conservative leader also said his party would: ban the testing of cosmetics on animals, ban imports of animals that are bred inhumanely, and make it easier for women to leave abusive homes without abandoning their pets.

The New Democratic Party

Without providing specifics, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh promised to increase penalties for tax evasion and to close loopholes that make it possible. He implied that this would be how he would pay for his promises, which have note been costed out in detail. He said he wanted to see Revenue Canada get better finding so it could go after the “super rich.” He estimated such a campaign could raise an additional $25 Billion in tax revenue.

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