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NHL star Evander Kane claims to be battered husband

NHL star Evander Kane claims to be battered husband

The courts have given NHL star Evander Kane a temporary restraining order against his estranged wife after accusing her of punching him in the face multiple times and, in one instance, swinging their baby daughter around during a heated argument, according to court documents first reported by TMZ sports.

It’s the latest round in a divorce from hell between the 30-year-old Evander and 29-year-old Anna Kane.

The court filing detailed four instances in which it is claimed Anna  became physically abusive with him, over a two-year period  from 2019 — a year after the couple wed — to July 2021. It was then that Anna made the bombshell claim that Kane had betted on his on games and even threw games. The NHL is investigating those claims,

While Kane is vigorously denying the specific allegations about gambling on his own games, it is a matter of public record that he was sued by a Las Vegas Strip casino for allegedly failing to repay a $500,000 gambling debt racked up during a playoff series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Millionaire NHLer filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January after amassing nearly $27 million in debt, according to reports. He is more than halfway through a seven-year, $49 million contract signed with the Sharks in 2018 and led his team in goals (22), assists (27) and points (49) in 56 games last season.

In the latest filing, Evander said Anna hit him “7-8 times in the face with her fist” following an argument and there were further assaults in in October 2020 and April 2021.

“During that same incident, Evander also says Anna dangerously swing around their baby daughter,” according to TMZ.

Anna filed for divorce that same month. A few weeks later, she accused Evander of “throwing games to win money” and abandoning their 1-year-old to party in Europe.

Last month she accused Kane of being a deadbeat dad, not giving her enough money for baby formula and said that Evander asked her to sell her wedding ring to survive.

Evander later called Anna “mentally unwell” and said that he “will and always have taken care of my daughter in every way possible.”

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