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Election 2022: Day 15


Election 2022: Day 15

On day 15 of the election campaign Justin Trudeau was in Cambridge talking about climate change. As the polls continue to show Conservative leader Erin O’Toole with a slight lead , the Liberal tactic appears to be to try to link O’Toole’s climate change policies with those of Steven Harper. In a possible sign that the Liberals have written off the Prairie Provinces, Trudeau flatly stated that those provinces will have to “de-carbonize,” as he put it. Trudeau was nearly drowned out by some first responder sirens that were blaring throughout his remarks, he joked, “The sirens in the background may remind us that this is a climate emergency.”

Campaigning in Quebec Conservative, Leader Erin O’Toole was a little light on details about his Main Street Business Loan, the Rebuild Main Street Tax Credit. He did say the program was aimed at the small independent retailers who have been hardest hit by the pandemic lockdowns. He was forced to address remarks made by Ottawa-area MP Cheryl Gallant who sent out correspondence sent before the Sept. 20 election call asking constituents to “make the coming election a referendum on more lockdowns” and says Canadians need to ask a series of questions before agreeing to a “climate emergency lockdown.” O’Toole refused to criticize the candidate directly but pointed to his platform document, saying “That’s what I am running on.” Gallant has been giving Conservative leaders indigestion for years with her sometimes bizarre comments.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was in Sudbury Sunday making an appeal for the university students’ vote. Singh visited the University of Sudbury Saturday morning for a campaign stop, criticizing the Liberal government for not doing more to support Laurentian University and promising to immediately remove the interest on federal student loans if elected.

An NDP press release said the party would also forgive up to $20,000 in student loan debt, double the amount of federal grants and not require graduates to repay the federal portion of their loans for five years.

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