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Trudeau tries vaccine passports as a wedge issue


Trudeau tries vaccine passports as a wedge issue

The Liberal Party of Canada

A re-elected Liberal government would give $1 billion to the provinces to develop and implement their vaccine passports, which will help the economy recover, Trudeau said from Mississauga. Even though Doug Ford has announced he will not campaign for Conservative Leader O’Toole, Trudeau invoked his name anyway in urging the Ontario Premier to “step up” on imposing vaccination passports. “Already, Premier Horgan and Premier Legault have stepped up, and I certainly hope that here in Ontario, Premier Ford steps up as well. It’s time for him to listen to public health officials and leaders like Bonnie Crombie,” Trudeau said, in an apparent attempt to link O’Toole, whose popularity is growing, with Ford., who is under pressure to introduce the passports. Queen’s Park sources today suggest Ford may be ready to do just that.

The Conservative Party of Canada

A Conservative government would increase employment insurance (EI) benefits, O’Toole said Friday.

Under the Tories’ Canada’s Recovery Plan, workers who need time to recover from a serious illness could get up to 52 weeks of EI.

“You can’t have a healthy economy without healthy workers,” O’Toole said from ​​Corner Brook, N.L.

Since 1971, EI sickness benefits have been available for 15 weeks. The House of Commons voted to increase that to 26 weeks, but Trudeau called an election before the measure took effect.

The New Democratic Party

Speaking from Thunder Bay, Ont., Singh said an NDP government would work with the provinces to bring in universal pharma care, saving the average Canadian family at least $500, whether or not they have existing coverage. The Parliamentary Budget Officer has estimated the cost of the program at $38 Million by 2026

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