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Little change in voter preference in overnight polling


Little change in voter preference in overnight polling

Overnight tracking polling by Nanos research shows the Conservatives and Liberals virtually tied with the Conservatives sitting at 33.6 percent and the Liberals at 33.4 percent. Both parties were down a fraction of a percentage point from the previous day. Meanwhile the NDP appeared to be the beneficiary, gaining a full percentage to 19.9 percent. The BQ has 5.3 percent. The Greens 4.6 and the People’s Party stood at 3.1 percent.

Nanos identified a gender split in the polling with women favoring the Liberals 37.1 percent to 39.6 percent for men, while males favored the Conservatives by 40.7 percent for males versus 26.5 percent for females.

In terms of how this translates into seats, IPolitics and Mainstreet Research suggest the seat count is narrowing to 145-138 in favour of the Liberals, while the CBC seat tracking has it at 151-122 for the Liberals—in both cases well short of the 170 seats required for a majority.

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