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It’s official: City to invoke mandatory Vaccinations


It’s official: City to invoke mandatory Vaccinations

Hamilton Joins a number of other public and private organization in approving a mandatory vaccination policy. At a special meeting of Hamilton City Council Thursday the policy was Ok’d . It calls for all staff to receive two shots or a booster if that becomes necessary and to provide proof of vaccination before they will be allowed on any city premises. The only exception would be if vaccination is “medically contraindicated,” and those employees would have to submit to a regular antigen test, which would have to be negative.

Under the plan workers for the city will have to show proof of vaccination by November 1 or submit to regular testing . Those who refuse to go along with testing would be subject to disciplinary action.

Council went in Camera to receive legal advice about how successful any legal challenges might be against the city policy.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger told reporters he would have preferred a provincial vaccination policy, but in the absence of that, Hamilton is following the same course of action that is being seen with municipalities and the private sector right across North America. The city of Hamilton is one of the city’s largest employers with over 8,000 workers.

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