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Election 2021: Day 12


Election 2021: Day 12

AS the polls show a neck in neck race between the Conservatives and the Liberals for the top spot in polling all three leaders unveiled new promises today.

The Liberal Party of Canada

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promised low-income seniors a bigger guaranteed income supplement, if his government is re-elected.

Canadians aged 65 and older would get a boost of $500, or $750 per couple. About 2.2 million seniors receive the old-age benefit.

“This is a recognition of the challenges seniors faced during this pandemic, but also the responsibility we have to lift even more seniors out of poverty,” Trudeau said.

The Conservative Party of Canada

For Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole his pitch was for gig workers.

Under a Conservative government, gig-economy companies — those that offer flexible, temporary, or freelance work — would have to contribute to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums through a new employee-savings account.

The companies would have to pay what most employers already do, which is 7.31 per cent of a worker’s wage. The account would be portable, following the worker to a new contract or gig.

“We’re willing to act to stand up for all workers,” O’Toole said.

The New Democratic Party

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh reiterated his plan to help Canadians own their own homes.

An NDP government would: re-introduce 30-year mortgage terms to allow smaller monthly payments; double the homebuyers’ tax credit to $1,500 and turn it into a rebate; fund co-housing, such as co-ownership agreements; implement a 20 per cent foreign-buyers’ tax; build 500,000 new homes; and tie federal transit funding to municipal housing plans.

“We will commit to solving this housing crisis,” Singh said from Winnipeg.

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