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Election 2021 Day Six


Election 2021 Day Six

Day six of the 2021 campaign saw the three main party leaders in the Prairies. In Winnipeg Erin O’Toole, unveiled what the Conservatives are calling the Canada Job Surge Plan. Under the plan, once the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) ends in October, an O’Toole government would initiate an initiative that will pay up to 50 per cent of the salary of net new hires for six months.

The wage subsidy will be at least 25 per cent and will increase based on how long a new employee has been out of work, reaching 50 per cent for those who have been unemployed for ten months or more.

For the second day in a row O’Toole, who has identified himself as pro-choice had to clarify his position on whether medical professionals who object to abortion on personal groups, should be compelled to refer patients to doctors who would provide the services.

Also in Winnipeg, Prime Minister Trudeau pledged to institute 10 days of paid sick leave for federally-regulated workers. He also promised an unspecified sum of federal cash to improve the air quality in schools and buildings across Canada. Trudeau continued to attack O’Toole’s childcare plan which would provide immediate tax credits to families. Trudeau’s plan is to reduce the cost of childcare to $10 per day, but over a period of years.

Trudeau fielded a question about his relationship with Canadian businesses.

Campaigning in Saskatchewan, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh he called on Justin Trudeau to work with the NDP to implement paid sick leave back in March. Singh quoted Trudeau as saying  a permanent paid sick leave program would have to be left up to provinces: “provinces need to look at the way to deliver sick leave directly through employers, which the federal government can’t do.”

Concluded Singh, “Justin Trudeau has gone through four waves of the pandemic without giving workers paid sick leave. Now, he wants us to believe he’ll do it after the election. He’s saying the right thing now, but he has no intention of doing it.”

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