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Election 2021 Day five


Election 2021 Day five

The leaders tour today saw Prime Minister Trudeau in Victoria, his second day in BC where his party needs to hang on to its BC seats and make gains elsewhere if it hopes for a majority.

Conservative leader Erin O’toole was in Ottawa. So far in the campaign he has not gone beyond Ottawa and Montreal.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh took his campaign to Edmonton.

Conservative leader Erin O’toole was focusing on the housing crisis in his campaign stop Thursday, He talked about the cost of housing being driven up  by offshore investors who purchase houses but don’t live in them. He also suggested organized crime is using the housing market to launder money.

Acknowledging that long term care is a provincial responsibility, nonetheless Prime Minister Trudeau promised to spend billion on long term care is a deal to be worked out with the provinces. He pledged that the federal health transfer to provinces would be increased but did not specify by how much.

In his campaign stop NDO leader Jagmeet Singh tackled the online giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, saying he would tax them to raise money for the programs he is promising.

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