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Trudeau insists his COVID vaccine policy is tougher than O’Toole’s


Trudeau insists his COVID vaccine policy is tougher than O’Toole’s

Prime Minister Trudeau sought to beat back claims that his mandatory vaccine policy for federal employees is no different than the Conservatives, in that both plans allow for employees to opt out of vaccines. Public servants who refuse COVID-19 vaccination without a legitimate reason will face undefined “consequences,” said Trudeau, leaving unanswered the question of what would constitute a “legitimate reason.”. Conservative leader Erin O’Toole said he would not force vaccinations on public employees, but would subject them to mask mandates and compulsory testing if they refused the shot.

The lightning fast seizure of Afghanistan has caught western countries flat footed in their attempts to rescue Afghans who assisted Canadian and other NATO forces during the He denied that the government had any plans to recognize the Taliban who haver taken over most of Afghanistan after a surprisingly short military operation.

At a news conference in Milton Trudeau said his government was still working to recue those Afghans who worked alongside Canadian Forces but was unclear about what Canada is actually doing on the ground there. In particular reporters wasted to know how the government was planning to deal with the logistics of issuing visas to those fleeing.

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