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O’Toole doubles down on vaccination flap

O’Toole doubles down on vaccination flap

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole insisted today that Justin Trudeau forced the bureaucrats to pull down a memo that suggested Trudeau’s mandatory vaccination policy for civil servants was essentially the same as O’Toole’s in that it made provision for those who did not vaccinate.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made much of his party’s proposed vaccine mandate. The policy would apply to federal civil servants, federally regulated industries and travellers on domestic planes, buses, trains and cruise ships. It was announced by the government two days before Mr. Trudeau called the election.

But in a memo to deputy ministers posted Friday, Christine Donoghue, the Chief Human Resources Officer of Canada, said the government would consider alternatives for people who refuse vaccination, “such as testing and screening.”

Michael Barrett said there has been a “serious breach” of the caretaker convention, which requires a government to “act with restraint during an election period.”

The Conservatives want a probe to identify all the individuals involved in the decision to remove the memo to determine if they were members of the bureaucracy or political staff and politicians. In his letter, Mr. Barrett asked that the investigation be conducted right away and that the findings be released before election day, Sept. 20. On Monday, the civil service said the memo was deleted because it was “inaccurate.”

O’Toole talked to reporters about the issue Tuesday

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