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McMaster will make vaccinations mandatory

McMaster will make vaccinations mandatory

Mc Master is implementing a tough new mandatory vaccination policy that will apply to virtually anyone who is on campus. Mc Master’s mandatory vaccination policy will extend to visitors as well as students, faculty and staff.

The new policy will require that anyone accessing campus or a university facility in person to upload proof that they are vaccinated, or that they have received an exemption from the university for a validated human rights ground. Those who work or have placements in hospitals and health facilities are required to follow McMaster’s policy but must also follow any requirements of those organizations.

The policy will take effect September 7, but the university will allow a grace period

Between September 7 and October 18, those attending university locations or placements in hospitals and health facilities who are not yet fully vaccinated, or who have not yet received an exemption for a validated human rights ground, will be required to submit proof of a negative COVID test result twice a week. This testing protocol will be in place until October 18 when vaccines or an approved exemption will be needed to attend a McMaster campus or facility.

The university is developing a system to allow for the uploading and validation of proof of vaccination or testing. Health information will be secure and will be kept confidentially within the university with very limited access. Aggregate data will be used to provide information on overall trends.

Student vaccinations will be available through the Student Wellness Centre and other vaccine options for campus are also being organized. Testing facilities will also be available for those who need to make use of them. Additional information will be shared as soon as it is available.

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